Sensory Garden

sensory garden

 Here at Roses for Autism, we are starting to build a sensory garden. A sensory garden can be therapeutic and educational for a variety of individuals especially those with disabilities that affect their sensory responses as is the case with Autism.

A sensory garden is a way of communicating with nature and stimulating community members through their senses, promoting social inclusion for any individual with or without disabilities and can be utilized as an aid in healing and meditation. The community will ultimately be rewarded by the sensory garden as it assists in enhancing mental and physical well-being.

The garden will include all seven senses: sight, smell, touch, hearing, taste, vestibular and proprioception. The flowers will provide visual and olfactory stimulation and smell while the herb garden provides oral sensation. We will use various path way materials for touch such as pebbles and walking stones. In addition, we will have benches for reflection along with bird houses and wind chimes to stimulate hearing.

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