Sensory Garden

 In 2015, Roses for Autism , a CT Based non-profit that helps individuals with Autism achieve their dreams of meaningful employment and personal success, pursued a goal of creating a sensory garden at our Guilford based farm.  

A sensory garden, where the different garden beds are dedicated to inspiring the different senses, can be both therapeutic and educational for a variety of individuals, particularly those with disabilities whose sensory responses are impacted.  The sensory garden was going to be one of a kind on the CT Shoreline; a place where families could come and experience the therapeutic effects, a place where there was a sense of belonging without judgement, a place of quiet reflection.

It took us nearly two years and over a thousand volunteer hours to create the sensory garden.  This project has brought the community together and has been a labor of love for everyone connected to Roses for Autism. Even our local Boy Scout troop plans to build a gazebo at the far end of the garden this summer.

However, on June 1st and then again on June 11th, vandals stole flowers from our garden beds including roses, rhodendrons, lilys, grass seed, gerbera daisies and many other beautiful flowers.  They also stole our garden statues and lawn ornaments.  They broke our fence and trellis.  
We are devastated that this has happened!

The hardest part is trying to explain to our supporters why this has happened twice in the last ten days thus forcing us to cancel our June 24th ribbon cutting event.  The response from our interns is poignant.

It makes me feel upset that they did that.  This is for a good cause. - Katie

I can’t believe someone would destroy a project that we worked so hard for.  -  Nathan

I just found out the RFA sensory garden was vandalized I worked hard on it and a bunch of other people worked hard on it and it’s very disrespectful.  I hope people can help us rebuild it. - Luke

We need donations to rebuild and complete our sensory garden!  Will you help?