Get Involved

Roses for Autism is so much more than just roses!  

To achieve real impact we need help from the local community including local businesses, schools, volunteer organizations, or anyone who wants to devote some of their time and energy to make a difference! There are several ways to get involved! 


  • We are currently seeking volunteers for our Wednesday Weeders program in the sensory garden and greenhouse.  
  • We also need volunteers and connections to help us sell our Ardent Rose perfume.

Since Roses for Autism opened its doors in 2009, more than 700 volunteers have blessed us with their time, their skills, their labor, and their love.  We look for volunteers for one day or extended commitments to: 

  • Green thumbs in our greenhouse and sensory garden
  • All hands on deck during our busy days leading up to Valentine's Day and Mother's Day
  • It takes a village, we need help with community outreach and engagement
  • Philanthropy because we are a nonprofit

Corporate Partnerships

Roses for Autism offers our corporate partners an opportunity to make a real impact and change the lives of individuals and their families who are affected by autism.

We are:

  • Leading the development of a scalable and replicable model of self-employment/entrepreneurship for individuals with autism.  This will provide an abundance of opportunities capitalizing on their unique talents and abilities!
  • At our social enterprise, we model Employment First ideals!
  • Proceeds fund scholarships for essential Transition Services for individuals who lack financial means to pay for services
  • Preserve CT Heritage at the historic Pinchbeck Farm in Guilford, CT.

Together, we can reverse the stark unemployment trend, 88% unemployed or underemployed, for those with autism!

Some of our partnership opportunities include philanthropy, volunteerism, corporate flower program, resale of Ardent Rose perfume, and employee engagement.

Share our Stories, Share our Mission!

 We would love to hear from you - your stories, your customer experiences, your favorite rose, your hopes and dreams for the future!  You can learn more about us on Facebook, Yelp, YoutubeInstagram, and Twitter.