Our Impact

The story of Roses for Autism is in its name. 

Roses for Autism helps individuals with autism grow their careers and cultivate their tomorrows!  Based in Guilford, Connecticut, we are a nonprofit garden retailer that grows and sells fragrant fresh cut roses, flowers, and other gifts while also providing career training and mentorship to individuals with autism. 

We believe that all people - like roses - blossom when given both opportunity and support.  At Roses for Autism, individuals experience what it’s like to have their very first job and work in all areas of the business, from the greenhouse to e-commerce.  With the encouragement of our dedicated team, young adults discover their unique strengths and interests while learning the necessary social and professional skills to become successfully employed and live independently in their communities!

Since our founding in 2009We have helped individuals gain employment at great companies like Sharing Nature, J.C. Penney's, Kohl's, Walgreens, and Walmart.  Others have continued post secondary education at Southern Connecticut State University, and Gateway Community College.  Others have even pursued their entrepreneurial dreams and opened a DJ business, a online comic book store, and a designer tutu business.

    People can buy flowers everywhere, but when they choose to purchase flowers from us, they are supporting local business, preserving CT heritage, giving youth opportunities to succeed, and getting our amazing fragrant roses.  That’s a powerful twenty dollars!” - Michelle Ouimette, Managing Director