Young Entrepreneur Justin | Roses for Autism August 19, 2016 11:52

Meet our young entrepreneur, Justin. Justin has successfully completed our 2016 Summer Entrepreneur Program. During this program, each intern had an opportunity to take a fun hobby or passion of theirs and create a viable business plan, from beginning to end. Justin decided on a lemonade business that he named “Justin’s Just Fresh Lemonade.” Justin took it a step further and created this commercial that he also presented in our mini Shark Tank Event. We are so proud of Justin. He successfully planned, created, and presented his business in style. Learn more at ‪#‎AutismAwareness‬ ‪#‎YoungEntrepreneur‬‪#‎Lemonade‬ ‪#‎Business‬


WDRC | News Article August 16, 2016 10:17

Roses for Autism featured in WDRC.